All you need to know about Google autocomplete is in this article. What is Google autocomplete and how to remove a negative Google autosuggest term within 30 days thanks to iamAutocomplete removal service.

What is Google autocomplete?

1. Discovery

Google autocomplete – or is called Google autosuggest, or Google auto prediction – is one of the greatest features of Google that was designed to make life easier – to save time of typing – to predict what their clients are going to search for and automatically give suggestions, users only need to choose from these suggestions without having to type the whole sentences that they were about to type. Let’s take a quick look at the following example to understand more about Google autocomplete.

What is Google Autocomplete ? -

In the example above, I only began to type ‘macb’, and google predicts immediately 10 results that might match my search term. One of these might have been what I was about to search, but I want to test Google autosuggest to see how does it work, this time I type ‘macbet’ :

Google autocomplete example - iamAutocomplete

What amazing! Google automatically adjusts the suggestions to match my keyword!

So for example, if I want to search the keyword ‘macbeth act 1 summary’, with Google autocomplete I only need to choose one of those predictions instead of typing the whole sentence.

2. Why does Google create Autocomplete-Feature?

If you feel more comfortable in searching on Google then you must have understood why Google designed this feature. Google always wants to create products that bring optimum efficiency in user experience as well as efficiency and savings.

  • Google search autocomplete reduces 25% of typing time from users. It helps users to save their time and sometimes, even helps them to reduce time to think of the whole sentence of the keyword that they want to search.
  • Google autosuggest saves in total 200 years of typing from users – PER DAY. This explains how Google had planned about efficiency and savings in each of their products.

How does Google Autocomplete suggest keywords? 

1. Location

Google Autocomplete analyzes and synthesizes the data based on the location that is set as default or manually set in Google setting. Because of this, Google will predict faster their user’s searchings and match them more precisely. In the following example you will see more clearly the way Google autosuggest works according to locations. 

Google autosuggest based on the locations - iamautocomplete

In this example, I typed ‘best restaurants in’, and Google autocomplete gave me the whole bunch of city names that are located in the US, because I set my location in Google page as the United States, my searching suggestions will not be – or rarely – somewhere in Italy. How smart! So if you want to search for some keywords, try to set up your location on Google page as your first filter.

2. Languages

So if your language changes in setting, with the set of totally different languages, logically, Google autocomplete will give suggestions with the same language in more priority.  

Autocomplete based on languages - iamautocomplete

In this example I switch my language setting to French, and as you can see, all the suggestions are in French. The search prediction will differ based on which language you are using in your search query.

However, if you set your language to a few different languages – for example German, Italian, Chinese – Google will synthesize and give the most appropriate suggestions in all four languages that you chose. 

3. Search History

To optimise search efficiency for each individual customer, Google uses the user’s search history as reference data. This data is automatically saved when a user logged into his Google (Gmail) account to search and then will be used to consult from later.  In the Google suggestion bar, if you see a keyword that in the far right of that keyword there is the symbol ‘X’, it means that this keyword was consulted from your search history. To remove this consultation you can just click on that symbol.

Negative Google autocomplete 

Google autocomplete is not only useful for users who do searching on Google but also very important for brand marketing and online reputation. Understanding Google autosuggest will allow brands to optimise their appearance in Google search results in order to optimise their business (brand awareness). And in the opposite, it can harm their business. This is called Negative Google Autosuggest.

1. What is Negative Google Autocomplete?

Negative Google autocomplete is the suggestions/predictions from Google search engine that are not expected from individuals or companies. These are some negative keywords that can ruin someone’s reputation or business. Of course Google search engine (basically an algorithm engine) can not know these are positive or negative suggestions. Google only consult from the statistical datas of all Google users with particular location, language etc… For example, how do you think if your brand name appears with this search term 

Negative Google autocomplete example - iamautocomplete

2. How can a Negative Google Autocomplete appear?

As you have known, if you have read all the sections above, no matter positive or negative, Google Autocomplete suggests to users all the search terms that match the most with their search. It bases on about 6.9 billion searches performed per day and everyday.  So how can a negative Google autocomplete appear with your name or your brand name? There are only these few following reasons :

  • From your inner problem : You or your company do really have some problems that made a lot of people go to search to read about it.
  • News : There might be some news that writes about you or your company negatively. This might give an impact on Google Autosuggest when there are many audiences that have read that news. 
  • Lawsuit : If you are involved in some lawsuits, this is really not good for you, this article always attracts internet users to read. Negative keywords might be shown in a lot of different networks, on some news, on some online records, etc…
  • Scandal : When you were involved by lots of scandals like the example below your name or your brand name will be automatically appear on Google autocomplete results 
example of negative autosuggest term - iamautocomplete
  • Competitor Attacks: If you are not involved by any reason above, this means you might have been attacked by your competitors. And in that way, they used Google Autosuggest engine to ruin your online reputation.

What can be the impacts of a negative google autocomplete suggestion on your business?

1. Negative Google Autocomplete kills your public image, your company’s branding.

This is the first bad impact that you should think about. To build a good public image requires lots of work from your workers and you and to build a company’s branding requires years to come. Paradoxically, public image requires years to build but it can be destroyed in just a few hours, or even less. Your clients might have a different look at your brand when they see a negative keyword appear next to your name or your brand name in Google Autocomplete search bar. The worst case scenario is that they even create a campaign to anti your brand.

2. Negative Google Autocomplete terms give bad impact to your reliability and the customer’s trust in you.

It is the fact that even through some online unproven articles, people will create different visions and experiences about someone or something. The new experience is created when they read that article. And human perception tends to be even easier to be changed when it comes from a negative event. Just remember how Apple had to solve their problems with the iPhone 11. You can still see the negative Google Autocomplete suggestions of iPhone 11. 

negative Google autosuggest word example - iamautocomplete

3. Bad impact to your business partnership

Negative Google Autosuggest terms can even involve your business partnership, your business partner might doubt your company’s capacity, your company’s reputation. And with those reasons the contracts between you and your business partners might be severely affected or even cancelled.

4. Affect business sales and marketing

When your clients search your brand name and it appears with a negative Google autosuggest, they will hesitate to choose your products or service, some customers might never try your products or service once they have seen something bad from Google autocomplete that involves your name or brand name. This will seriously cause bad effects on your sales performance. The effort to market, advertise and sell from your marketing and sales department will become useless. 

Therefore, the longer the Negative Google Autocomplete stays, the worse situation that your business will be put in. Finding the solution to Remove this Negative Google Autocomplete is what all the enterprises need to do as soon as possible. 

How to Remove a Negative Suggested Term in Google Autocomplete ?

1. Use Google Autocomplete Service

The easiest and fastest way to remove a negative suggestion from Google Autocomplete is to use a service called iamAutocomplete. You can check at the website for more details:

This company was established in 2010, iamAutocomplete company provides autocomplete creation and removal services for sales, brand awareness and online reputation management. iamAutocomplete had offered autocomplete (also known as autosuggest) creation and removal services for Google search engine to hundreds of high profile clients across the world.

With friendly design and easy-to-use service, all you need to do is just basically to order as described in their instruction at and wait for the result to happen in a very short time (from 10 to 30 days). In addition, iamAutocomplete guarantees the results to their clients within 30 days. Especially, you can get a free quote from iamAutocomplete here 

Using iamAutocomplete removal service will ensure your mission to Remove negative terms/ Remove negative google autocomplete suggestions in order to fix Google autocomplete suggestions for online reputation. 

iamAutocomplete: negative Google autocomplete removal service company

2. Using online reputation management companies’ services

To get Google autocomplete repair you can also use Online reputation management company. These companies can help you to prepare some campaigns in order to fix Google autocomplete suggestions for online reputation. This service usually takes more than 6 months to prepare a lot of plans and actions, requires lots of work and the most important point is that this service is very costly. They commit to work with the biggest effort to remove negative Google Autocomplete suggestions, but not to guarantee the final result

3. Report and wait Google to fix the negative Google suggestions

This solution can work in case that the negative term does not come from your company’s or your actual problem, lawsuit or scandal. It’s more likely you got attacked from your enemy. In this situation, you can report these negative terms to Google, following Google Autocomplete Guidelines – These types of predictions go against Google Autocomplete policy :

  • Violence and gore.
  • Sexually explicit, vulgar, or profane language, though medical and scientific terms are allowed.
  • Anything related to hate speech or approval of hateful acts.
  • Sensitive information or terms about named individuals.
  • Dangerous predictions, meaning searches for things that could allow serious harm to people or animals to happen.

Reporting with Google might take so long (years) to have your negative autosuggest term removed. Because Google needs to work in a way that adheres to established principles to ensure fairness of interests for all parties. Therefore, you might have to prepare a lot of complicated papers in order to do case authentication and perform complex procedures.

In addition, this process does not ensure your expectation. In some cases, the negative Google autocomplete suggestions are never removed by Google if the effort of reporting and proving does not meet the requirements of Google Policy.

How can iamAutocomplete remove a negative Google Autocomplete? 

iamAutocomplete has their own way of removing negative Google autosuggest as fast as possible, not by creating such a complex campaign to win again your company’s public image, but by real actions, real magic, and real quick. 

Beside providing Google autocomplete creation service ( a service that is used to create Google autocomplete suggestions. You can check it out here : ), iamAutocomplete also provides a service called Google Autocomplete Removal Service. This service also uses the method to create suggestions in order to remove suggestions. So how does it work then? Let’s check this following case :

For example, your company’s name is Boobby Insurance (*note: we only take a random name that does not target anyone or any corporation), and when you type this name on Google search bar, you see these suggestions that automatically appear :

Boobby Insurance scam

Boobby Insurance scandal

Boobby Insurance contact

Boobby Insurance about

Boobby Insurance offers

Boobby Insurance October events

Boobby Insurance raises charity funds

Boobby Insurance worldwide

Boobby Insurance marketing strategy

Boobby Insurance covers worldwide healthcare treatments

As you can see in this case, the first and the second Google suggestions are the negative terms. To remove these negative Google autocomplete suggestions, iamAutocomplete creates 10 or 20 positive terms that will appear on Google suggestion bar, above the previous negative terms :

Boobby Insurance reviews

Boobby Insurance free comprehensive health check

Boobby Insurance win yearly award for community

Boobby Insurance blogs

Boobby Insurance offer

Boobby Insurance new service

Boobby Insurance videos

Boobby Insurance scam

Boobby Insurance scandal

Boobby Insurance contact

This time, the negative terms that involve the brand Boobby Insurance have been pushed down into the eighth and ninth position. iamAutocomplete will keep pushing them down until you do not see them on Google autocomplete bar anymore. The final result you can expect with using Google autocomplete Removal service from iamAutocomplete – to remove negative search term that involves the brand Boobby Insurance – is something look like this :

Boobby Insurance started a new campaign

Boobby Insurance social network

Boobby Insurance best service of the year

Boobby Insurance reviews

Boobby Insurance free comprehensive health check

Boobby Insurance win yearly award for community

Boobby Insurance blogs

Boobby Insurance offer

Boobby Insurance new service

Boobby Insurance videos

The 3 examples above show how iamAutocomplete works to remove negative Google autocomplete suggestions or to fix Google autocomplete suggestions for online reputation. To discover more about iamAutocomplete service, check it out at

How long iamAutocomplete takes to repair Google autocomplete and remove a negative suggestion ?

In general the time that iamAutocomplete will take to remove negative suggestion depends on the rank of that keyword.

However, iamAutocomplete guarantees the service of Removal will be done within 30 days of working

Therefore, you can expect to see the result of removal service between 10 to 30 days.


Google Autocomplete is a great feature of Google to help users to save time of typing, to predict and suggest user’s search terms. Understanding about Google autocomplete will help to improve your business with the frequency of appearance of your name or your brand name on Google Autocomplete box every-time your target clients search on Google about your services or products. 

On the other hand, Google Autocomplete may also suggest some search terms that are not expected to appear next to your name or your brand name. It is called Negative Google Autocomplete Suggestions. These suggestions would ruin your public image and your business as much as how long they stay in the Google Autocomplete box. 

To remove these negative terms as quickly as possible, the best way is to use iamAutocomplete Google Autocomplete Removal Service. With a guarantee of results within 30 working days, at a very reasonable price, good customer service, friendly and designed-to-be-easy-to-use website, you can easily send a request of keyword removal to iamAutocomplete and then, just wait to see the magic happen. Check it out right now if you are stuck with having bad Google Autocomplete suggestions appear next to your name/ brand name at